Spring Service Special

Hino 18 Point Service & Inspection 199.95*

Here’s what we will perform:

  1. Inspect cab fresh air filter
  2. Inspect Mud Flaps and Hangers
  3. Check Wipers & Washer Operation (Top Up Washer Fluid)
  4. Check A/C operation
  5. Check tire pressures and adjust if required
  6. Inspect All Lights
  7. Check ALL Fluid Levels & Top Up As Required
  8. Check Park Brake and Adjust If Required
  9. Check cooling system and wash radiator
  10. Inspect All Belts and Hoses
  11. Inspect Battery Terminals & Cables
  12. Drain And Inspect Air Tanks & Air Dryer Cartridge (Add 1.0 for Dryer Cartridge Replacement If required, parts extra)
  13. Lube, Oil and Filter Change- Drain Plug Torque to _____Ft/Lbs
  14. Lube Chassis
  15. Check Air Filter Condition
  16. Replace Fuel Filters
  17. Inspect Brakes And Note Brake Remaining Front _____ % Rear_____%
  18. Re-Torque All Wheels as Required- Torque _____Ft/Lbs

* Offer valid until June 31st, 2014

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